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Hitting Membership Terms and Conditions:​

  • Must be consecutive months.
  • 3-month and 6-month memberships must finish by December 1st.
  • Payments must be lump sum for entire membership period and must be received before scheduling sessions.
  • No refunds after payments are received.  In the event of an injury, we will work with you and freeze your membership until you are able to return.
  • Weekly private sessions must be scheduled a minimum 7 days in advance.  To reserve a regular day/time each week, all private weekly sessions must be scheduled at time of payment.
  • Cancellations and/or requests to re-schedule weekly private sessions must be done a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  Otherwise session for that week will not be made up.
  • If requesting a certain instructor, weekly private sessions will be scheduled on days/times when instructor is available.
  • Free cage rental:
    • Can only be scheduled a week in advance and be scheduled around existing private weekly sessions already on the schedule.  Requests for cage time less than 24 hours in advance may not be honored.  
    • Limited to 30 minutes/day/member and must also be scheduled during regular hours of operation.
    • Limited to Member + one other person

*Priority Scheduling:

  • Our busiest time of year is December, January, February, and March.
  • As a member during any of these months, you will get to schedule your lessons before everyone else, provided you purchase or renew your membership before October 1st.