​​The Momentum Baseball Staff provides individual and small group instruction to players of all ages and skill abilities. We offer instruction for hitting, pitching, catching, basic throwing, fielding, and overall skills.  All lessons are 30 minutes in length.

2/19/20 -- MBA is now offering discounted rates for private hitting lessons while your player is in season. If you do 6 or more hitting sessions this winter then you are eligible for 25% OFF ANY AND ALL hitting lessons from the start of your season all the way through the end of summer. If you think you are eligible for this discount and are interested, all you have to do is CONTACT US. We will provide you with a coupon code to be used at the time of purchase.

6-Session deadline For High School age (9th - 12th grade): 3/22/20
6-Session deadline for 8th grade and younger: 4/19/20

Hitting Lessons:

All hitting programs include extensive work in hitting mechanics and mental approaches to hitting. Each session includes both physical and mental aspects. Players learn and practice hitting skills which are broken down into upper and lower body mechanics. Hitting techniques are applied appropriately to individual's style of hitting and body type. Yes, we do softball too! 

Pitching Lessons: 

All pitching programs include extensive work in mechanics and mental approaches related to pitching. Body conditioning, warm up, and arm strengthening are included in each class. Players learn and practice pitching skills.

Catching Lessons:

Catching lessons provide detailed instruction on defensive skills behind the plate.  All lessons will include body conditioning and warm-up.  Lessons will also include drill-work for receiving, blocking, and throwing and will be tailored to the individual's needs.  Players are expected to bring their own gear to each lesson (catcher's mit, face mask/helmet, chest protector, shin guards, protective cup).  Cost for catching lessons are the same as hitting.

"Other" Lessons:

If you're interested in lessons for basic throwing, fielding, or overall skills, then you've also come to the right place! Our staff takes pride in teaching the basics of the game too.  Techniques are applied appropriately to each individual.  Cost for these lessons are the same as hitting.

Our Cancellation Policy for all lessons:

  • You are allowed to cancel/change scheduled lessons 6 hours or more, in advance.  
  • Requests to cancel/change lessons within 6 hours of scheduled start time will not be honored.
  • No call, no shows will not be made up.

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